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Floating Teeth Can Aid Sore Muscles.

Whenever I’m called to work on a new horse, I have a list of questions for the owner I like to go through before I begin. The questions include the obvious: Horse’s name, age, breed, use, shoeing or trimming schedule, what problems is he or she having and, always,...

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Pulsing Electro Magnetic Blanket

Pulsing Electro Magnetic Frequency therapy (PEMF) has been in use for more that 30 years in both equine and human sports medicine and has proven time and again to be an effective modality in the treatment of chronic conditions that cause pain and discomfort to muscle...

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Your Horse’s Ability to Hide Pain

We’ve all heard that horses are a flight or fight animal. That means that our equine friends are hardwired by nature and genetics to flee and run at the first sign of danger or fight. But fight is their last resort as they are not equipped with claws, sharp teeth or...

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