Pulsing Electro Magnetic Frequency therapy (PEMF) has been in use for more that 30 years in both equine and human sports medicine and has proven time and again to be an effective modality in the treatment of chronic conditions that cause pain and discomfort to muscle and tissue.

Pulsed Magnetic Blanket

Respond System’s Sentry PEMF Blanket

All cells that make up tissue or bone have a natural electrical current flowing through them. These currents are caused by electrically charged particles called ions which flow in and out of cells and regulate cell activity.

Magnetic therapy applies a magnetic field to the body that sends a weak electrical signal to cells which influence their interaction with ions and regulate their functions.  PMF initiates biological reactions leading to acceleration of the healing process and recovery time of overworked and fatigued muscles, tendons and joints.

The Sentry PEMF blanket system, by Respond Systems Inc., has been chosen by the most discriminating owners and trainers of jumpers, dressage, driving and three day event horses. The US Equestrian Team takes the Sentry magnetic blanket with them to world class venues where they help to keep the horses supple and sound.

Indications for treatment include sore backs, arthritis, stiffness, poor circulation, joint problems, tendon or ligament injuries. PEMF therapy helps all horses – from the elite equestrian competitor to the once a week trail horse.

I’ve added the magnetic blanket to my massage and bodywork and am excited in the difference it’s making with all the horses I work with.

Equine Massage and Bodywork is not intended to replace veterinary care.